How to Set Up Your International Amazon Author Central Pages

If you’re an author and you publish with Amazon, chances are you have an author page. Right? If not, you really should if you want to sell books and get readers interested in you as an author. If you already do have an author page on either or Amazon.Com (U.S.) did you know that you could also have an author page in France, Germany, and Japan? What author doesn’t want to sell more books, especially to an international audience? After all, even if all your titles are in English, it is still the third-most-common native language in the world so it makes sense to have an international presence on the international Amazon sites.
Many authors who have an author page usually only have either a U.K. or U.S. presence. Many authors neglect to make sure that they have both a U.K. and a U.S. page, let alone a page on one of the three international sites (see below). Obviously, having an author page written in the native language of each respective Amazon site can help to establish an international presence as an author. The following information will help you create your Amazon author page on the sites that are available for you as an Amazon author.

International Amazon Sites


Amazon is currently represented in the following countries:

Despite the above Amazon sites, many of them do not currently offer Author Central, but there seems to be a move to offer this service across all Amazon sites. If you can’t find an Author Central site for a certain country it is just a matter of time and patience. Netherlands, for example, has recently launched their Amazon site and Author Central will hopefully follow shortly.

International Amazon Author Central Sites


Here are the links to the sites currently available:

Understanding International Amazon Author Central Sites*

  • Open your Author Central page so you can compare the layout and prompts (these seem to be the same across all platforms).
  • The best option is to use Google Translate while you create your page unless you are able to get someone to translate your bio details beforehand in the desired language. Google translate proved effective when I did mine, especially in regard to reading inline text on each site. However, as stated above, most of it can be done if you compare it to your .com author page, i.e. by association.  
  • Cut and paste your bio into Google translate and then copy translated text to the appropriate section of your Author bio and enter details. Upload photo and select your books from the biblio search engine just as you did on your main author page when you first set it up.

*This is not a foolproof method by any means but will help you get a feel for the different sites and, if you’re patient and refer back to your main author page, should help. Also, most of the sites will allow you to sign in with the same email and password you use via your account, but some will require you to set up a new Amazon account with them, i.e. If your regular log-on doesn’t work just create a new one.

Things to watch out for

Most of the international author pages won’t allow you the same features as the main site. For example, your blog feed can not be integrated but they all offer Twitter feed options and will usually update this automatically if you include a twitter link in your bio. Double check that your twitter feed is live to ensure maximum exposure – once again you will have to compare with your main author page to determine the layout links etc.  I always include my website and twitter address in the body of my bio details so that, even if the option isn’t available to synchronize your social media platforms via the author central platform, at least it will be present in your bio to allow readers to connect with you. 

If you can’t find a utility or feature that you have on the main site ( then it probably isn’t available so don’t worry, just fill out everything you can and go from there.
The following video from John Weisenberger should be of some visual help:

Have you already set up your author page on international Amazon sites? Do you have any information or tips that I haven’t outlined? Please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you. Best of luck.

My international Amazon Author Pages:

*Addendum: Amazon made the following announcement recently:

"We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched Author Pages in India! Starting today, all customers on will be able to search and browse your author page, seeing the same profile picture, images, videos and more as you have on your Author Page. [In other words, you don't need to do anything as your author page is automatically transferred to, but in saying that it appears that not all the details are transferred over. There is no bio, news feeds (from blogs/twitter) etc so hopefully they will add an option like the others above to add a translated bio etc at some later date. It's still a great development as India is a massive market place.]
These pages will help readers connect with you and other authors, find books they will love, and keep up with your latest news.

Currently, all features of your Author Page will be on, except for your biography and your blog posts.

With this launch, Author Pages are now available to customers on,,,,, and

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