The publishing world is evolving and expanding as we speak. There is so much information out there it is somewhat daunting for new authors when searching for quality advice and services. My written-work has been published traditionally and independently (self-published) and I have discovered a lot along the way, thanks to many of the listed websites below. On this journey that never ends, I have researched and compiled a list of useful and informative websites that have steered me in the direction I am now headed. The following links are all active as at time of writing (any dead links please let me know via comments below) and have either helped me in some way, or are just cool places to visit for inspiration and information. I hope you find these resources valuable to some degree.  

Best Self-Publishing Sites/Blogs + Twitter

Highly Recommended

Publishing Tips

By Its Cover by Deborah Hawkins  
Choosing an Epublisher by Writers Write Staff 
Covers Sell Books by Dan Poynter


 Interesting Websites

Adazing (Recommended)

Promotional Sites For Your Books (from Indies Unlimited blog)  (they have a list of sites on their home page)

Now, write.

 Writer Resources, Writing, Books, Ebooks, Listings, Publishing, Services, Advice, Indie 

Literary Magazine Markets

As the title above implies . . .

Reblogged (and slightly rearranged, alphabetically) from Clifford Garstang's fabulous blog/site here. There is also another excellent list/resource here at




King’s English

Ontario Review

Paper Street


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